Can you really deliver a hard and chunky project in just 7 weeks?

I was approached by NHS Lothian to facilitate the development of a very chunky business case for replacing their entire IT laboratory system.

The challenge:

  • A team new on QUBE

  • Multiple stakeholders both internal to the board and across other NHS boards and government

  • Knowing that should it stack up as a business case it was going to be a big ask (money wise) and therefore a hard sell

  • Knowing that traditionally this exercise could take anywhere up to 6 months to complete

The results:

After 7 weekly hourly drumbeats (meetings) on QUBE we had alignment and buy in with key stakeholders, prioritised the big asks from users, carried out an options appraisals (risk vs benefit vs cost) and produced the final document for the Board (with zero track changes and just one team “edit”

In week 8 we did a quick Action Replay (lessons learned) and a week later we found it had sailed through the board meeting and we moved onto our next projects

Imagine the time (and money) we saved

And the positive impact of turning sometime big and chunky (and dull) around in just 7 weeks while having fun doing so…… read more below

Case study developed by the NHS Lothian team

Case study developed by the NHS Lothian team

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