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Academy for Collaboration...

A unique multi-outcome programme of activity designed to deliver your business needs while also developing your staff in change methodologies & leadership 


The programme has been designed as an end to end process – from understanding the root problems to presenting innovative prototype solutions while teaching teams along the way in new tools & methods they can apply immediately.

Ideally you would run through Stage 1-4 in its entirety but it is possible to select the key elements you need right now for your staff and organisation. At the end of the programme staff will have a takeaway toolkit,  CPD/PDP outcomes, formed new teams, created innovative ideas, engaged with users, developed business solutions and be able to use story telling methods to pitch these solutions to decision makers. Following the programme completion we can also support the teams in delivering the selected projects from business case development to full project management support.


Stage 1:

Problem identification

Business: Ensuring we know what the right problem(s) to work on is

Learning: Tools to understand how to identify the root problem(s) statements

Stage 2:

Vision and Idea Creation

Business: Develop a vision and new ideas, in collaboration (joining our individual knowledge),to the agreed problem statements

Learning: Creative tools and creative thinking to deliver shared, aligned and memorable visions/stories

Stage 3:


Business: Virtual, agile and project delivery tools to develop prototypes at speed with user insight to ensure it meets the needs of the end users

Learning: New world tools for change and leadership with supported mentoring for immediate application of learning


Stage 4:

Story Telling

Business: Range of innovative prototype solutions to your key problem statements pitched to a core audience for wider insight and feedback

Learning: How to pitch your ideas in an imaginative and memorable way using story telling for maximum effect

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Why is the Academy for Collaboration the unique product you need?

Further Options:

Project Development

Business: Facilitated support to deliver the project at speed and low cost removing valueless tasks to free up resources

Learning: E.g. how to write a business case in collaboration at speed, how to deliver agile projects, how to lead in a fast changing world, how to change HOW we work (culture)


The programme is designed specifically to your needs, supporting  a “Mix and Match” approach of methods, tools and process depending on your overall aims and required outcomes.

Please contact me for an initial discussion to identify your core requirements.