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Having a portfolio career allows me to combine a breadth of skills and knowledge, including creativity & logic, to help others define their future narrative and deliver solutions.


Dr Tammy Watchorn

Change agent / Educator / Facilitator / Innovator / Leader

Following a career in scientific research I moved to working in the public sector and volunteering for the third sector on change, innovation, and transformation. Along the way I have researched, tested, developed and implemented different processes, tools and methods for individual and team learning, leadership, creativity, innovation, collaboration, agile and user centred design. Working at a national level across Scotland I have been able to gather key insights into gaps in these methods, gaps in our teaching practices and business workshops, gaps that impact on scale up, longer term sustainability and delivery of organisational benefits:

  • Have you ever been on a great training programme but the learning become a distant memory just a few weeks later?

  • Or been to a strategy workshop, had great conversations that aren’t captured and wondered what happened to all those sticky notes that were pretty vague and what the follow up actions were?

We often invest time and money in training staff in various things but rarely support application of learning once they’re back at work meaning the training becomes a nice thing they did but are unable to implement in a way that has a real impact

We also invest time and money in business workshops (strategy, visioning, planning) and focus on the content but rarely learn from the workshop (tools, methods etc). Additionally outputs from workshops can often be difficult to properly capture (all those sticky notes that don't quite record the richness of the conversation) making it difficult to pin down and implement real action, especially once we go back to the day job.

As a result of this insight and my research I have developed a unique product called the Academy for Collaboration: A combined approach covering training, leadership and development of organisational solutions to deliver immediate business results and to ensure longer term implementation and sustainability of learning. The programme teaches and supports transforming HOW we work while enabling us to transform WHAT we do.

Dr Tammy Watchorn


  • Director AnSáS
    Embedding learning and growing organisational skills to ensure longer term sustainability  of change, innovation and transformation.

  • Director Pentacle Scotland
    Pentacle the Virtual Business School is a revolutionary business school, providing executive and management education to the world's most innovative organisations. We provoke, inspire, educate, enable, coach, and facilitate.

  • Associate Red10 Development

    Team member in Red10 primarily delivering LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

  • Executive Lead for the Academy of Collaboration
    Delivered as a collaborative with Pentacle Scotland and AnSás ltd